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The Focus is brought to you by AirSep, one of the leading brands in small, yet powerful portable oxygen concentrators. Small and efficient as well as powerful, you can depend on it to give you the oxygen you need. If you’re not sure if the Focus is right for you, here are the details on this small wonder of an oxygen concentrator.

The Good

The tiny AirSep Focus only weighs a little over 2 lbs, and that’s including the 2 micro batteries inside it! Even though it’s small, as long as it can meet your oxygen needs, it’s a joy to travel with because of it’s light weight and its battery duration. Each micro battery that comes with the Focus will last for up to 1.5 hours – that’s a total of 3 hours on just the 2 micro batteries. Add the AirSep AirBelt battery pack (which only weighs 2 lbs itself) and you can enjoy as many as 3.5 hours on top of that. The AirSep External battery will also add as much as 3.5 hours extra, and weighs only 1 lb.

The Bad

You won’t get a very large amount of pulse dose oxygen with the Focus, so this portable model is only good for those who need a low pulse dose to meet their oxygen needs. It also lacks the oxygen conservation and adjustment features that many slightly larger portable models have.

The Bottom Line

Aside from its small stature, the Focus is easy to carry around on your shoulder with the lightweight and adjustable Focus carry bag. No mobile cart necessary for this small wonder. It’s also approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) for use on a commerical flight to or from the United States. This is a great portable oxygen concentrator for those who need to use a low pulse dose oxygen while exercising, and for those who want to do a lot of traveling and roaming.