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The Freestyle 5 is another great product from the brand that brought you the original Freestyle 3 portable oxygen concentrator. Small and efficient as well as powerful, you can depend on it to give you the oxygen you need. The Freestyle 5 has the potential of living up to it’s name – to allow you even more freedom.

The Good

The Freestyle 5 can deliver up to 750 ml/min of pulse dose oxygen, which is quite a lot for such a small concentrator that runs mainly on its own internal battery. The Freestyle 5 is only 6.2 lbs and doesn’t involve any batteries that can be removed or replaced. It’s also very low maintenance and doesn’t require the removal or cleaning of a gross particle filter like many other portable models close to its size and weight. The harness on the carry case can easily be changed to a backpack for even more convenience when you are out and about.

The Bad

The internal battery will need to be replaced or maintenanced by a professional when it starts to lose its original power capacity. This will need to be done after around 300 recharges, and after that it will only charge up to 80%, which is when you will need to get it replaced.

The Bottom Line

The Freestyle 5 by AirSep is a step up in oxygen capacity from its little sister the Freestyle 3, and is slightly bigger. This concentrator is perfect for those who do a lot of traveling by any mode of transportation, or those who need no more than 750 ml/min while they are exercising, if you plan on using the Freestyle 5 while you are getting your physical activity. The Freestyle 5 definitely lives up to its name, both adding freedom to the lives of oxygen therapy patients, as well as offering some style with its sleek look. It’s approved by the FAA for use on a flight to or from the United States.