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Do you need a continuous flow dose higher than 5 LPM? That’s what the powerful and versatile AirSep NewLife Intensity can do, even a high purity of oxygen up to 10 LPM, and much more. Find out what the Intensity 10 is all about in this review, so you can decide whether or not this stationary oxygen concentrator is right for you.

The Good

This is a powerful machine that has the potential to help most oxygen therapy patients, and then some. It delivers up to 10 LPM, but also functions as a nebulizer machine to administer inhaled medication. Even better, these things can be used separately at the same time! Even with the high volume of oxygen it can deliver, you will never have a purity any less that 93%. The maximum pressure from the Intensity 10 is 20 psig, which is around 3 times higher than other stationary oxygen concentrators. It also features an array of safety alarms for things such as low flow and low energy, because you can’t miss out on the oxygen you need.

The Bad

Along with the high capacity and extra features naturally comes a much higher energy usage and larger size. At most, the NewLife Intensity 10 will use 590 watts on the setting of 10 LPM. The Intensity being almost 60 lbs might seem heavy, but the cons are the double-edged sword to the pros. Other than these factors, the Intensity has no real downsides.

The Bottom Line

This is great for those who need a high continuous flow of oxygen, who also need to use a nebulizer to receive medication. It’s perfect for households or care units with multiple patients who require oxygen therapy, because of the wide range of oxygen flow settings, as well as the built in nebulizer.