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The Lifechoice Portable is one of the smallest portable oxygen concentrators, but that isn’t all there is to this small wonder. It’s packed with great features and battery life not found in many other portable models under 5 lbs. Here are the good, bad and the facts about the Lifechoice Portable, so you make a decision on whether or not it’s the portable oxygen concentrator for you.

The Good

The Lifechoice Portable oxygen concentrator is one of the best and small portable models on the market, not only because of its size and weight, but its features as well. It only weighs 5 lbs and can give you a total of 5 full hours of complete mobility! The internal battery has a life of 2 hours, and the external battery pack will provide an extra 3 hours when charged up to 100%. This is an amazing amount of battery life for such a small portable concentrator. It can also be ran and charged at the same time via DC power. Perfect for camping trips and long car rides. You can also charge up the external battery separately, or while it is plugged into the Lifechoice Portable. The exclusive sleep mode technology is really what makes the Lifechoice Portable extraordinary.

The Bad

Not the portable concentrator for you if you require anything above 3 LPM equivalent of pulse dose.

The Bottom Line

Perfect for those who need 1, 2 or 3 LPM equivalent of pulse dose oxygen, and who want to lead an active lifestyle with the freedom to go virtually wherever they want. The Lifechoice Portable is approved for use on any mode of transportation, even use on a commercial flight to or from the United States, as it is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. At least external battery will be required for a flight, however, especially if it will be a long flight.