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The Activox is another great product from the brand that brought you the original Lifechoice portable oxygen concentrator. Small and efficient as well as powerful, you can depend on it to give you the oxygen you need. The Activox truly lives up to its name, allowing you to live a more active lifestyle.

The Good

The Activox by Lifechoice offers great long lasting battery duration, and is less than 5 lbs! You can add more battery life to this powerful pulse dose model by plugging the small Activox external battery into the machine. This is incredibly convenient, especially since the external battery pack is only 1 lb, and will sit comfortably in the carry bag along with the Activox. The internal battery itself will last as long as 12 hours on the pulse dose setting of 1! Plug in the external battery, and you’ve added another 3 hours. The lowest amount of battery life known is 5 hours on the setting of 3, and that is still quite a lot of time! The Pulse Wave feature ensures you are getting the right amount of oxygen as your breath rate fluctuates, as it does during sleep or physical activity.

The Bad

This is one of the louder small portable oxygen concentrators, at 41 decibels. This still isn’t very much and is only as loud as a quiet conversation, but there are smaller POCs that are quieter.

The Bottom Line

You can almost take the Activox anywhere, which is how it lives up to its name. You can virtually be as active as you like, and even do some high altitude hiking. The maximum operational elevation on the Lifechoice is 10,000 feet above sea level, outside of an airplane of course. You can also take your activox with you on any flight to or from United States soil, as it is already approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.You’ll love traveling with the Activox, or using it while you exercise. The carry bag makes it extremely easy to tote around wherever you go, and