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The Drive Oxus is a remarkable pulse dose portable oxygen concentrator that can deliver a high flow rate. You’ll love leaving the house with this lightweight model. If you’re not sure if this is the right portable model for you, here are the ins and outs of this concentrator.

The Good

The Drive Oxus is one of the most powerful portable oxygen concentrators in its size and weight category. It only weighs 9.9 lbs, and yet can deliver up to 850 ml/min of pulse dose oxygen. Within the Oxus is a rotary compressor, which is technology exclusive to the Oxus. The Oxus will also automatically start to charge the battery whenever it is plugged into a power source, whether it’s AC or DC power. That means you can use it while charging it at the same time, whether at home or another building, or in the car on your way to your destination.

The Bad

The Oxus can be as loud as 43 decibels, which is louder than many other portable oxygen concentrators in its size range.

The Bottom Line

The Oxus is a great portable oxygen concentrator for those who need 850 ml/min, and is robust enough for travel and long term use. It will continue to deliver as much as 850 ml/min even if your breath rate rises to over 30 breaths per minute. It’s great if you plan on doing a lot of walking, so if you plan on going on vacation to see the sights, the Oxus will be a breeze to travel with. The mobile cart will make it easy for you to pull it around, and the protective cover will keep it safe from dust, dirt and debris. It’s even easy to navigate on bumpy terrain with the lightweight but sturdy mobile cart. The Oxus is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for use on any flight to or from the United States.