• Price
  • Weight
  • Oxygen Concentration

The wonderfully compact EverFlo offers between 0.5 to 5 LPM of continuous flow. It weighs just 31 lbs, and features a handle at the top center of the machine, which makes it easy to move on it’s swiveling wheels. If these two facts about the EverFlo sound intriguing, keep reading to see if it might be the right stationary oxygen concentrator for you.

The Good

The EverFlo is one of the quietest stationary oxygen concentrators, even at its maximum oxygen setting. It won’t get any louder than 40 decibels, which is no louder than a quiet conversation, or the noice level of your refrigerator when it kicks on. The noise level is very easy to get used to, and even acts as “white noise” to help you fall asleep, if you are using it during sleep. The energy efficiency on the EverFlo is also one of the best for its oxygen capacity. It uses a max of 350 watts on the setting of 5 LPM, which is a low number for this dosage on a stationary oxygen concentrator. The EverFlo is also amazingly low maintenance, needing only 2 filters changed every 2 years.

The Bad

This is not the oxygen concentrator for you if you need over 5 LPM of continuous flow. You will need to look for models that offer higher settings.

The Bottom Line

The EverFlo is a great solution for those who need a 0.5 setting anywhere between 0.5 to 5 LPM of continuous flow oxygen, who also need it a few hours out of the day when you won’t need to be leaving your house. It’s also perfect for overnight use, because of how quiet it is. You won’t see much of a jump in your energy usage, which is a major factor in what many people look for in a stationary oxygen concentrator. Overall, as long as the EverFlo meets your oxygen and lifestyle needs, it would be the perfect choice.