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Meet the Millennium 10 by Respironics, one of the top brands in the oxygen therapy equipment industry. This model is extremely user friendly and built to last some serious, and rigorous use. Here are the facts, as well as the pros and cons of the Millennium 10, to help you find out if this is the right stationary oxygen concentrator for you.

The Good

The Millennium 10 is highly reliable and one of the most versatile high flow stationary oxygen concentrators on the market. It can deliver between 1 and 10 LPM of continuous flow, where other high flow stationary models can only go from 2 to 10 LPM. The Millennium is built to last and work just like new for many, many years. The integrated sieve canister reduces tubing connections, which works to lengthen the life of the seive bed, and the casters are extra durable and are made to last, even after many hours of use on the highest setting. The Millennium 10 is truly a great investment for high flow oxygen therapy patients.

The Bad

Not a good stationary model for those who might want to transport their concentrator over a short distance from one place to another in a car, because of its heavy weight. If you do not need more than 5 LPM of continuous flow and you want to be able to spend the night somewhere else easily, you can get one of the smaller and lighter stationary models.

The Bottom Line

The perfect stationary oxygen concentrator for a house or care facility, with multiple oxygen therapy patients who need anywhere from 1 to 10 LPM of oxygen therapy for several hours out of the day, or for overnight use. This is perfect for overnight use, as well as for those who only need to use their oxygen therapy a few hours out of the day. Overall, this is one of the best high flow stationary models for those who need their concentrator to last.