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As long as the Respirionics SimplyGo can meet the oxygen requirements prescribed by your doctor, you’ll have a powerful portable concentrator that you will love leaving the house with. This mid-sized portable can deliver an amazing capacity of oxygen and is quite dependable. If you’re not sure whether or not the SimplyGo is the right choice for you, here are the details on this great portable oxygen concentrator.

The Good

This wonderfully lightweight portable oxygen concentrator offers both pulse dose and continous flow oxygen settings. It’s light and small for how powerful it is. Many portable models that have both modes are much bigger and heavier. The SimplyGo weighs just 10 lbs, and that’s including the battery. The settings are also varied and specific, breaking down the LPMs to 0.5 increments, from 0.5 to 2 LPM continuous flow, as well as up to 72 ml/min pulse dose.

The Bad

Even though the battery is powerful enough to run the wide range of oxygen settings, it will run out after 1.6 hours on the lowest continuous flow setting. Continuous flow settings will always use more battery life than pulse dose, so you will have much more battery life if you are using a pulse dose setting. The SimplyGo is also one of the louder of the portable oxygen concentrators of its size category, at 43 decibels on the setting of 2 LPM.

The Bottom Line

This is a smart machine that is extremely user friendly, and will meet the oxygen needs of many people who need a low dose of continuous flow, or a mid-range pulse dose. Not only is it easy to bring with you wherever you go because of the weight and size, but the carry bag and mobile cart make it a breeze to travel with. The carry bag detaches easily from the mobile cart, so you can quickly remove it and carry it on your shoulder when you want to. To sum it up, the SimplyGo is great for low flow continuous flow oxygen patients who love to travel as light as possible.