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The Eclipse 5 is brought to you by SeQual, one of the most trusted oxygen concentrator brands. You’ll love leaving the house with this sleek and powerful continuous flow/pulse dose model. A great concentrator for those who need a high flow dosage.

The Good

The Eclipse 5 is the latest in the Eclipse line from SeQual, and the most improved upon. It has all the great features of the previous Eclipse 3, but now you can safely charge up the battery, while using the Eclipse 5 at the same time on DC power. Now you can charge up while riding to your destination in your car or RV, as well as use it without using up any of the precious battery life that you will need when you reach your destination. The Eclipse 5 feature’s SeQual’s patented AutoSat technology, which ensures you receive the same oxygen dosage, despite how quickly your breath rate might change as you fall asleep, or when you exert energy.

The Bad

The battery has been known to take as long as 5 hours to recharge from 0% to 100%. It will last for 1.3 hours if you use the highest continuous flow setting, which naturally uses the most power. On the highest pulse dose setting, you can expect the battery to last for around 2.1 hours.

The Bottom Line

The Eclipse 5 features a more powerful internal system than the Eclipse 3, and is all-around a safe and smart concentrator to use. It’s perfect for anyone who needs up to 3 LPM of continuous flow, or as much as 192 ml/min pulse dose oxygen, who also want to lead active lives filled with travel and living life to the fullest. The Eclipse 5 is 18.4 lbs and a breeze to pull around with the lightweight and easy to maneuver mobile cart. It is also approved by the FAA for use on board a commerical flight, to or from US soil. The Eclipse 5 is truly a traveler’s dream.