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Do you need extra battery life for your Eclipse concentrator for an upcoming trip? The SeQual Eclipse Replacement Battery might be exactly what you need. Read on to learn about the pros and any cons of this external battery cartridge, which comes in handy for many reasons.

The Good

It’s great to be able to pop in another battery when the previous one has depleted, and you can easily do so with the Eclipse Replacement Battery. The Eclipse replacement battery is compatible with all models in the Eclipse series from SeQual, from the original to the Eclipse 5! SeQual had a great idea when they decided to make the batteries cross compatible, making it easier to upgrade from one Eclipse version to the next. Another exceptional thing about the Eclipse Replacement Battery, is the way it can be charged externally via the SeQual Eclipse Desktop External Battery Charger. This means you can charge another battery separately from the concentrator, while another battery is charging inside the concentrator. You’ll be able to leave the house with potentially twice the battery life!

The Bad

The External Battery weighs 3 lbs, which means 3 lbs will be added to your Eclipse concentrator. This is really the only not-so-great thing about the battery.

The Bottom Line

This is the perfect way to get even more battery life for your Eclipse concentrator, if you plan on going on a flight, and you are required to bring a lot more battery life with you. It will also help after you’ve made it to your destination, and you want to do a lot of traveling away from your hotel. You need this if you are using your Eclipse for many hours out of the day.